TSB The Spinnin Bridge
The Project

The project is about a pedestrian bridge to connect two existing buildings. The main shape is a circle, and between its long it develops some spirals, the bridge is based on a module, that is repeated to make the shape, this module is the basis of the project, and the extensive analysis of spirals is what made possible this particular bridge.

The Goal

The goal is to develop a pedestrian bridge that could be adaptable to different climates, interact with the context (primary with the wind, light and climate), been interactive to the users and to the viewers, has some interaction with daylight and has susteintable characteristics.

The Techniques

The first and the most important technique is about movement, a spiral movement of the exterior surface of the bridge, this movement (spin) provides electric energy based on the wind flow.

The next technique is about doferencial pressures by influence on wind, with the orientation of the surfaces for ventilation it could be adapt its interior wind flows to react to heat and cold climates.

Another technique is about some spoilers along the spirals, these surfaces are addaptatives to the direction of the wind and provide the resistance for making possible the spin.

The main frames are made of aluminum to provide a light but strong support.

Another technique for making the spin possible is about some counterwights on the spinnin surface edges, these change along the spirals but are located at contrary sides of the spirals, converting the bridge into a big suspended perpetual movement machine.

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